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Jason English
Video of the Day
by Jason English - November 13, 2008 - 6:50 PM

My wife just sent me this clip, titled “My dogs greeting me after returning from 14 months in Iraq.” This one’s worth two minutes of your time. It’s suitable for work, unless getting all teary eyed at your desk is frowned upon.

Have you ever seen a tail wag that fast?

[Courtesy of andrewsullivan.com. To leave a comment, click here.]


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Comments (36)
  1. aww!

    great clip! thanks so much for posting!

  2. To quote an old saying.

    “Dear Lord, make me the kind of person my dog thinks I am.”

    Everyone wants to be loved that much.

    Made my day.

  3. this made me happy.

  4. I don’t even have a dog; I’m thinking my life may be a tad emptier than I thought. This is so sweet!

  5. That put a smile on my face!

  6. Thanks for posting this. Definitley a uplifter after a stressful Friday.

  7. My Border Collie did the same thing after I returned from school a mere 10 weeks gone. Licky licky da face!

  8. I imagine if my Dalmatian Minnie were still alive (she passed this summer, 16 great years), she’d have the same reaction when I come home this Thanksgiving. I’ve only been gone 16 weeks, but I can just imagine.

    I wonder how my cats will react when I come home. ….Probably not even bother to wake up. Aw, but I still love ‘em.

    Made my day here. And made me wish college dorms let you have pets.

  9. Awww! That made me just a little bit teary. Aren’t pets great!

  10. I once left my Borador with my brother for 3 weeks when I went to a wedding in Michigan, and when I got back she refused to greet me ’til I gave her a cookie. She actually glared at me.
    His dogs are much nicer.

  11. That was great!!! Those are the happiest dogs in the world and to see the love between the all was the pick me up I needed. Thanks for sharing this

  12. that put a tear in my eye… and is exactly why, although I’ve always liked cats, I like dogs far better. When I was in college, my parents had my dog. I’d call home and they’d hold the phone to her ear. When she heard my voice she’d go nuts. I’m glad this guy finally picked up the tail-wagger! Pretty neat to see!

  13. This video has made my day. Thanks so much for posting it.

  14. If you are not tearing up… you are not human.

    That was so touching. My cats don’t quite react this exceptionally when I return from a trip… but they still show their excitement more than you’d think they would.

    Animals are amazing, humans give them far too little credit.

  15. This video made my night!!! Fantastic!
    Animals are the greatest ( I don’t trust people who don’t like animals) Those animals love him so, so much!

    Our cat gets excited when we come home from a trip. : )

  16. OMG!

    I’m bawling like a baby! LOL

    What a terrific clip! I loved it. Can’t wait for my kids to wake up so that I can show them. :D

  17. That reminds me of my grandfather’s Guidedog Bessie. She entered our lives when I was 3 and even though I only saw her twice a year, she was always excited to see me. Even when she went blind (we had made lots of blind-leading-the-blind jokes)she’d still remember who I was and be excited when I came to visit after 6 months away. I can’t wait to moove into a pet-friendly house and get a dog!

  18. DADDY’S HOME!! :D *doggy hug*

    So sweet. This is exactly what I needed after a long crappy day. Thanks!

  19. After 14 months in Iraq, I’d jump into his arms, too.

  20. Last week, I saw the video clip of the little boy who’s dad (back from Iraq) came into his classroom to surprise him. And now this. I love it…

  21. This was the cutest video!! My dog gets all excited when we come home, and we’re usually only gone for 8 hours at a time.. haha.. When we go on vacation, he howls, despite being cared for by our neighbor or another family friend.

  22. AWESOME - thanks for sharing.

  23. We can only pray that the citizens of America will give as much praise and love to our returning hero’s from Iraq. They are the ones who pay the price for our freedom. The least we can do is honor their return, dead or alive. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video with us here at home.

  24. This totally made my day!

    When my hubby came home from his 14 month deployment to Iraq we filmed the doggie reunion and ,let me tell you, a video really can’t describe the enthusiasm that gets wrapped up in those little furry bodies. If my hubby hadn’t already been on the floor, the dog would have SURELY knocked him over. :)

    God bless the companions that love so much everyday…it seems unfair that their lives aren’t longer.

  25. WoooooW, this is exactly how my dog performs after we return home and he’s an Australian Shepherd, amazing, mine does the kissy, kissy, huggie, huggie just like your doggie here. His name is Sydney and aren’t they wonderful to have and all that unconditional love, nothing better and they only ask you for food and playtime, lots’ of playtime, LOL
    Take Care of those 2 sweet doggies
    Aussie Hugs and Kisses

  26. Thank you so very much for serving our country!!! With out you guys, we would not have the freedom that we have. Your video was amazing….That made my day. God Bless.

  27. OMG….. thanks for the teary eyes hahaha

    Thank u for serving our country and being a great daddy to your furbabies hahaha

    I am a Firefighter and away from my baby for 24 hours which is long enough…. away from her for 14 months OMG…. her little butt would wiggle right off =]

    God Bless and Take Care…. Thanks for posting… I needed that =]

  28. There is no better creature that God made then a dog! And no other better thing to come home to!They are the BEST!

  29. Thank you for posting! This just made my night. Welcome home, brother.

  30. Great video, what was the song playing in the background?

  31. Thanks for serving in Iraq.

  32. Me and my wife loved this awesome clip.

    Thanks for serving our country and putting yourself in harms way for our freedom and saftey.

  33. If we could have a dog for president

    the world wouldn’t have ugly wars. That was the best video to view the day after Veterans Day, thank you our furry friends and our fighting men,women military k-9s and dolphins you all make my heart soo proud.

  34. Awwwww this is just great showing how much they missed their daddy.

    Welcome home.

  35. one word - BEAUTIFUL !!! God Bless !

  36. One word ! BEAUTIFUL !! God Bless