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Jason English
A White House Christmas! Starring Nancy Reagan as Herself and Mr. T as Santa
by Jason English - July 11, 2010 - 9:49 PM

If you’ve never seen these photos before, consider this our Christmas-in-July present.

In December of 1983, Mr. T went to Washington to help the First Lady unveil the White House Christmas decorations. The A-Team had premiered earlier that year, but why did Mrs. Reagan choose B.A. Baracus for this assignment?

“Nancy Reagan was campaigning to get kids to say no to drugs,” Mr. T told The Independent in 2008. “They heard about me going round schools telling kids to stay away from drugs.”

The First Lady received a Mr. T doll, and Mr. T got a peck on the forehead. “Oh wow, man,” San-T Claus joked. “That’ll start some scandal.”

We’ve been digging up plenty more kind of surreal historical images, which we’ll be posting throughout the summer. Get excited!

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  1. I pity the fool who doesn’t read Mental Floss!

  2. if glenn close married mr t would she be glenn closet ?

  3. My mind. It is blown. All of of a sudden I am a third grader again with a bad haircut and crushingly low self-esteem. Is that a crucifix AND a mogen dovid around his neck. Ow…

  4. @amy- not sure, but theres multiple crucifixes, a star of david. and a few square pieces with images of people on them, as well as a large assortment of chains. I can only imagine the strain all that put on his neck

  5. Christmas in July?

  6. it should be christmas in june, not july. people born in january have their half birthday in july. that means christmas in june, not july

  7. But…it’s July. If I’d wanted to get you guys Christmas-in-June presents, I’d be way late!

    Christmas in July is also a movie, a charity, and the name of countless summer sales.

  8. Christmas in July started as an American summer camp tradition. According to Wikipedia, citing a Washington Post article, “The earliest known occasion to make the phrase Christmas in July literal was in July 1933 at Camp Keystone, a girl’s summer camp in North Carolina, which celebrated with a Christmas tree, gifts, and a visit by Santa Claus.”

  9. Mentalfloss just gave me my new desktop picture! Thanks!

  10. Too grossed out to comment. Sometimes I’m so embarassed to be an American.


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